[1Pondo 112120_001] Reika Kudo – Neighbor In The Morning


Reika Kudo makes her first appearance as a married woman who falls into a double affair in 1pondo’s popular series, The Neighborhood Playful No-Bra Wife Who Takes Out the Trash in the Morning! She is an affable, hardworking wife who exudes her own unique sex appeal. A married man in the neighborhood approaches her as she cleans the garbage disposal not only on garbage day but also on Sundays. A man with an ulterior motive and a glimpse of her nipples through her defenseless bosom is looking for any opportunity to take advantage of her. The two hit it off and go to Reika’s house.

The two of them get excited over a cup of tea, and when the atmosphere turns strange for a moment, the man doesn’t miss his chance. When the atmosphere becomes strange for a moment, the man doesn’t miss his chance. He turns to Reika’s body and they become entangled. Even though they are both married, they can’t control their emotions and start a double affair! You can’t miss Reika Kudo’s jungle-Esque pussy hair and her unique sexuality as she writhes in agony!

JAV Model: Reika Kudo